Răzvan Rujoiu

Răzvan Rujoiu

Senior iOS developer at DB Global Technology

Răzvan is a senior iOS developer with experience in various business domains. He is in love with the Apple ecosystem and likes to toy and tinker with every new item Apple launches. Together they work on a mobile banking platform that can output white label solutions for a wide range of banking products.

Agenda Talks

Web & Mobile Con

12:30 to 13:00
02 Nov 2023

Exploring Asynchronicity in SwiftUI

Asynchronous work is a fundamental part of software development to offer our users a good app using experience. Tech stack in the mobile world is fast evolving and with SwiftUI trending up, we feel there is a need in exploring asynchronicity in the SwiftUI paradigm and leveraging its key features as well as we will be demonstrating the interoperability of Combine and RxSwift with the Async Await