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10:00 to 10:10
01 Nov 2023

Opening Speech

10:15 to 11:00
01 Nov 2023

How I used gitOps and CDevents to achieve automated compliance in a FinServ context

This will be an engaging session, where we explore the pivotal role of gitOps and CDevents in DevSecOps release orchestration pipeline, to make sure that Every Software Released Automatically Complies with Control Standards.

11:05 to 11:35
01 Nov 2023

NextGen CI/CD: Migrating from Old Legacy CI/CD Ecosystems by Introducing Generic CI/CD

Changing the automation approach by getting rid of all the technical depth and building something much simpler to understand, maintain and use can engage entities in the migration process and align the stack tool which can be different from project to project or from organisation to organisation.

11:40 to 12:25
01 Nov 2023

Terraform Practices to Enable Infrastructure Scaling

This talk provides tips on using Terraform for Infra & team scaling, avoid pitfalls, security considerations when using Terraform, etc.

12:30 to 13:00
01 Nov 2023

Unleashing the Power of Azure for Big Data

During the presentation we will navigate how seamless data integration, business transformation and analytics can be obtained using Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, Azure DevOps and IaC, and we will deep dive success cases to see how DevOps, and Big Data can help improve experience and enable decision making.   

13:00 to 14:00
01 Nov 2023

Networking Lunch

14:00 to 14:45
01 Nov 2023

Keynote: Revolutionize DevOps lifecycle with Amazon CodeCatalyst and DevOps Guru

AWS is on a journey to revolutionize DevOps using the latest technologies.

14:50 to 15:20
01 Nov 2023

Kubernetes: Telling Objects What to Do

The purpose of the talk is to synthesize and provide a holistic view concerning Kubernetes architecture and explore Kubernetes imperative and declarative paradigms based on my professional experience, with a dash of an opinionated view on the matter.

15:25 to 15:55
01 Nov 2023

Devspace: getting the DevOps closer to developer teams

16:00 to 16:45
01 Nov 2023

Platform Engineering is a silver bullet, but how big is your werewolf?

Every now and then industry gets a new silver bullet methodology that should save us all and resolve all our problems.