Marco dal Pino

Marco dal Pino

Technical Consultant at Microsoft

Marco Dal Pino is working in IT for almost 30 years as Developer, Team Leader, PM and Cloud Architect, developing a rich experience on Microsoft development Platforms.

He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and a Speaker at the main technical conferences all around the world and a recognized influencer in IoT and IIoTHe is part of the staff of some community focused on Microsoft technologies. He received many awards from IT companies as independent Advisor like: Microsoft MVP, Intel BlackBelt & Innovator, Nokia DevChamp, Hackster Live Ambassador. He works in Microsoft as a Technical Consultant.

Agenda Talks

IoT & Cybersecurity Con

10:00 to 10:45
01 Nov 2023

Guardians of the IoT Realm: Defending Against Evolving Cyber Threats

Join us for an illuminating exploration of IoT's dual role: a catalyst for innovation and a magnet for cybersecurity perils.