Bruno Capuano

Bruno Capuano

Microsoft AI MVP at Avanade Canada


Bruno Capuano leads Innovation at Avanade Canada and has been a Microsoft MVP for the past 13 years. He is an active Microsoft Technologies Community participant, a writer, and a frequent speaker at local and international technology conferences. Bruno also likes to hack new technologies, play the guitar and run. 

Agenda Talks

Data, AI & Machine Learning Con

15:25 to 16:10
04 Nov 2021

Let’s perform Anomaly Detection using ML.Net on a drone flying data from Azure IoT

You can control a drone using 20 lines of code. That’s the easy part. Sending the drone telemetry to Azure IoT is a little tricky, however, it requires another 20 lines of code. And when all the information is on Azure IoT, we can perform Anomaly Detection on the drone telemetry using ML.Net on the cloud.

We will use a simple house drone ($100), Python and C#. And, besides the drone telemetry analysis, I’ll share additional enterprise scenarios.

Let’s build this!

1st part of the track is about how to create an SDK to control the drone. 2nd part is how to send the telemetry to Azure IoT. 3rd part is how to analyze this telemetry using ML.Net. 4th part is to share real scenarios on where to apply this. I’m planning to spend +60% of the session on steps 3 and 4.

For each event, I prepare a custom demo for the 2nd part.