Ana-Maria Manea

Ana-Maria Manea

Technical Test Analyst at _VOIS

Introducing Ana-Maria Manea, the Technical Test Analyst at _VOIS – the master of finding bugs before they find you! With a keyboard in one hand and a magnifying mouse in the other, I'm on a relentless quest to uncover glitches hiding in the darkest corners of code.  
By day, the bug-slaying champion, wielding my testing tools like a knight's sword. By night, cracking jokes that even debuggers can't fix. When I'm not chasing down elusive bugs, I'm chasing down laughs, and I'm always ready to make the office a brighter place, one witty line of code at a time! 
What recommends me the most are my meticulous attention to detail, comprehensive test strategies, and commitment to delivering high-performing digital solutions closer to perfection at _VOIS. With an unmatched knack for making complex technical jargon sound as easy as pie (and probably debugging a pie recipe app in my spare time), I am passionate about optimizing software performance and my main goal is driving excellence in the testing process, ensuring that no software issue goes unresolved or unentertained. 

Agenda Talks

QA Automation Con

11:05 to 11:35
02 Nov 2023

Automation Success in _VOIS: A Node.js and Cucumber story

_VOIS has rewritten the story of testing with a dynamic fusion of Node.js and Cucumber.