Iulian Ciuciu

Iulian Ciuciu

Technical Test Analyst at _VOIS

Meet Iulian Ciuciu, the Technical Test Analyst at _VOIS, where software testing meets precision and excellence. With an unwavering dedication to quality assurance, Iulian is the go-to expert for ensuring that every line of code passes the toughest scrutiny. 
With a knack for uncovering the tiniest flaws in software and a commitment to delivering flawless user experiences, Iulian is turning testing into an art form, ensuring that software is as flawless as a masterpiece. Iulian’s attention to detail is second to none.  
Behind the scenes at _VOIS, Iulian is the silent hero, diligently working to make technology smoother and safer for all. With a commitment to excellence and a drive to deliver impeccable results, Iulian is the unsung star of the testing team, making sure that every software release shines brightly. 

_VOIS has rewritten the story of testing with a dynamic fusion of Node.js and Cucumber. Their secret recipe for ensuring top-notch data integrity and user satisfaction on the Vodafone website! 
Enter Node.js: The rock-solid foundation that powers our testing juggernaut. It's like having a real-time backstage pass to the backend API action. No glitches can escape its watchful eye. 
But what's Cucumber got to do with it? Everything! With Cucumber, they've scripted an epic saga of test scenarios meticulously crafted to scrutinize every nook and cranny of data acquisition, shopping, and mobile wizardry. It's testing but with a twist! 
Their mission? To deliver a smooth and delightful experience to their customers by testing rigorously the application that handles the logic of composing personalized offers from mobile applications or official sites. It's like a tech-powered magic carpet ride. From data acquisition to the grand finale of transactions, their API responses are your guarantee that every piece of filtered data is a precise match. Say goodbye to uncertainty! 

Agenda Talks

QA Automation Con

11:05 to 11:35
02 Nov 2023

Automation Success in _VOIS: A Node.js and Cucumber story

_VOIS has rewritten the story of testing with a dynamic fusion of Node.js and Cucumber.