Marius Comiati

Marius Comiati

Senior Software Engineer at 3Pillar Global


My name is Marius Comiati and I am Senior Software Engineer at 3Pillar Global. I am a friendly and open minded person, full of curiosity, willing to learn as much as I can and trying my best to do so. For more than a year I have been working on a platform that uses some genetic algorithms (and not only) in order to figure out a way of "quantifying the unquantifiable".

Agenda Talks

Java Con

14:50 to 15:20
03 Nov 2021

Java vs Python performance in 2021

Simple problems like which is the car that is best for my needs, to more complex ones like what should I invest in, in order to get the best possible results or which departments should receive more funding and why, can all be addressed here. In order to accomplish this a tremendous amount of computations are involved, so we had to be careful when choosing the way we write code but also, the environment we write code in. So which one do you think we choose, Java or Python? Which one of these is best suited to accomplish these kind tasks and how big is the difference between these two?