Florentina Vlasceanu

Florentina Vlasceanu

Data Science Lead at BCR


Florentina is the lead of the Data Science at BCR, maybe one of the youngest leads from the industry. With strong knowledge in the data sphere, her expertise covers statistics, machine learning, data modeling and manipulation.

Her motivation comes from working in challenging environments among smart people, being focused on achieving exceptional results from her day-by-day activity. 

Agenda Talks


11:55 to 13:25
04 Nov 2021

How deep is the Data Lake?

While in the past the Data Lake was just a catchy word, a nice-to-have architecture, nowadays it is about to be a cornerstone for companies that rely on data for bringing value in their business initiatives. The more the organizations are focused on digital growth, the more data is produced and when data reaches a certain level of variety, velocity and complexity, Data Lake is the way to go.