Madalina Zgaroi

Madalina Zgaroi

Data Lake Delivery Manager at BCR


Madalina is the delivery manager of the BCR Data Lake team, with vast experience in business & technical analysis in the Business Intelligence area. Among the position-related tasks, she is also dedicated to maintaining strong relationships between colleagues and supporting a warm & friendly working atmosphere. She loves travelling and helping her friends with home decoration.

Agenda Talks


11:55 to 13:25
04 Nov 2021

How deep is the Data Lake?

While in the past the Data Lake was just a catchy word, a nice-to-have architecture, nowadays it is about to be a cornerstone for companies that rely on data for bringing value in their business initiatives. The more the organizations are focused on digital growth, the more data is produced and when data reaches a certain level of variety, velocity and complexity, Data Lake is the way to go.


Data, AI & Machine Learning Con

10:50 to 11:20
04 Nov 2021

On using data: challenges and achievements

Working with data is always challenging, but working in a highly regulated industry like banking, is even harder. In order to take the right decisions you need the right information and the information comes from data. Without the proper environment and tools, the mission of bringing business value becomes almost unreachable because lack of information creates uncertainty.

What are the challenges of using data in BCR? What are the main data driven achievements and how do we thrive to success?