Tudor Codrea

Tudor Codrea

Java Engineer at Cognizant Softvision


 I have worked mainly with Java for about 8 years as a backend developer, embracing distributed architectures. I was focused on processing data and extracting business value in IoT projects (like smart city context), where the big data comes in as a stream. I designed architecture/solutions and I liked to involve myself in all layers of a product from deployment(devOps) to UI (front-end). I like to continuously challenge myself to avoid code reproduction and to think of generics as generic as possible. On a personal level I'm a father of 2 smart children and a clarinet player in a large group of professional players.

Agenda Talks

Java Con

16:15 to 16:45
03 Nov 2021

The Power of Spring Boot Autoconfigure

If you want to know the magic behind how Spring Boot is preparing everything at runtime before the application starts, this presentation is for you. Learn about Spring Boot Autoconfigure, the component that is preparing all the resource dependencies. See how to integrate your own dependencies automatically into the Spring Boot Context. The live demo will let you see and feel how the Spring Boot Autoconfigure is doing its magic-work.