Alin Pandichi

Alin Pandichi

Team Lead at ING Hubs Romania

Alin Pandichi is a polyglot software developer with expertise in Java/JVM and leads a team whose job is to implement an event-driven platform for delivering email, SMS and push notifications to ING customers worldwide. 

With a solid background as a tech speaker and former meetup organiser, he’s very much at home in live coding sessions. Alin is an advocate of continuous improvement and a strong believer that the right combination of practices helps teams obtain better results sooner, not faster. 

Agenda Talks

Java Con

12:45 to 13:30
01 Nov 2023

Reuse vs. rebuild through Touchpoint, an open technology platform

Step into the shoes of an ING developer to see how we go about creating a new application service: in this live coding session we will use a ready-made API SDK, deploy the app to Kubernetes using existing CI/CD pipeline templates, and register it on an API Marketplace.