Irina Stan

Irina Stan

Software Engineer at ING Hubs Romania

Irina Stan is a software engineer with vast experience in server-side programming. To be able to improve and provide reliable software solutions, Irina stays up to date on developing technologies, industry trends, and best practices At ING Hubs Romania, she designs and implements technical solutions for a microservice-oriented product and optimises its performance, scalability, and security. 

Agenda Talks

Java Con

12:45 to 13:30
01 Nov 2023

Reuse vs. rebuild through Touchpoint, an open technology platform

Step into the shoes of an ING developer to see how we go about creating a new application service: in this live coding session we will use a ready-made API SDK, deploy the app to Kubernetes using existing CI/CD pipeline templates, and register it on an API Marketplace.