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DevCon 2019

Inspired by the DevTalks network, DevCon is a premium event designed around a 3-days experience where senior IT professionals gather to share their best inputs and experiences and connect to the latest trends in technology and contribute to the future of the tech industry.
Deep dive into the most discussed topics and technologies of the moment with 4 dedicated conferences on AI & Machine Learning, Security, QA & Testing, and Java.
On 12-13-14th of November, at Athénée Palace Hilton, we will discuss about the most important tools, key learnings & resources, or advanced tips & tricks from powerful top-notch local and international speakers.


Check the Agenda of the 2019 edition and craft your own journey with the most important topics of the moment!
12 Nov

AI & Machine Learning

While machines learn from experience and build associations, intelligent automation, face-reading machines and deep learning continue to impact our lives and to play important roles in retail, health, environment and not only. Explore more about the latest trends, tools and models!

13 Nov

QA & Testing Con

Either we talk about the increasing use of artificial intelligence for optimizing quality assurance, the application of AI and machine learning in software testing, new tools of test automation, this conference will bring you one step closer to the best tools and insights with technical deep-dives and case studies!

13 Nov

Security Con

With the increasing number of smart network devices connecting people, cities, or infrastructure, security professionals need to develop new strategies and security models. Find out more about the current security landscape and take the best tools & practices!

14 Nov

Java Con

Well-known for its super-powers among the leading programming languages, let's deep dive into the latest features, tools, and best practices of Java and see where is headed to, with live-coding sessions and practical examples from our speakers!

Our Speakers

DevCon will bring in front of you speakers from all around the world, shaping the Agenda as they know best.
Alexander Andelkovic

Alexander Andelkovic

Senior Agile Testing Lead
Bogdan Carlescu

Bogdan Carlescu

Lead Product Marketing Manager
Florin Manolescu

Florin Manolescu

Senior Consultant & Managing Partner
Academia Testarii
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