A premium conference dedicated to
IT professionals and tech enthusiasts

DevCon is a premium technology conference in Romania, bringing together IT professionals, software developers, and industry leaders from around the world which will take place on 6th - 7th of November in Bucharest. In Autumn our goal is to create a technology center that serves as a hub for knowledge exchange, networking, and inspiration, offering participants unique insights into software development, innovation, and the latest advancements in the tech industry. For this 6th edition of DevCon, we have prepared for you a valuable tech journey, including powerful sessions, hands-on masterclasses, and the biggest names in the tech field. Gathering our forces for 2 days of full content on: Java, Web & Mobile, Cybersecurity, Data, AI & ML, DevOps, QA & Testing.

DevCon is an event that provides to the IT community the opportunity to engage with a technical Agenda where more than 60 tech champions will join to share their best insights to connect audience to the latest trends in technology. With more than 25 partners, a dedicated Expo-Area, valuable networking experience, and a technical Agenda we are expecting more than 2500 participants to join us during these 2 conference days.

Event Conferences

Java Con

Join an exclusive conference with global leaders and professional experts for a full day devoted to Java Champions and IT enthusiasts. This conference provides valuable learning sessions, insightful keynotes featuring live demonstrations, and practical case studies.

Web & Mobile Con

With the dynamic and constant development of the web and mobile world, we continue to keep an eye on what are the future trends, challenges your developers are facing day by day, and we are bringing the best tips & tricks from our speakers.

Cybersecurity Con

Cybersecurity Con is a one-day event that will explore the latest trends and technologies in the intersection of the IoT and cybersecurity. As a attendee, you will leave with a better understanding of the security challenges.

Data, AI & ML Con

Data, AI & ML has always been a popular subject in our DevTalks Romania Network. We keep our main focus to bring the best strategies and tools, now with even more effervescent topics to be discussed and approached by professional leaders.

DevOps Con

Collaborating with industry experts, we have crafted an agenda designed to exceed your expectations of the DevOps world. We are confident that this comprehensive program offers a profound understanding of the software development life cycle.

QA & Testing Con

You will have the possibility to explore the latest trends and technologies in software testing. You will learn from leading experts in the field, network with other professionals, and get hands-on experience with the latest testing tools.


Reserve for yourself one-hour of our masterclasses. We will deep dive into hands-on sessions, organized together with our international speakers. Here you get the chance of attending a much more thorough debate on light spotting subjects.

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