Yuval Petrov

Yuval Petrov

CTO at K2View


Yuval Perlov started his career at Team Telecom International (later acquired by TEOCO) as AVP R&D, where he created state-of-the-art mediation and ETL products for the Telecom industry. He then proceeded to lead an R&D group in the eBay catalogs team. Prior to joining K2View Yuval served as CTO of Nextrade, creating innovative products in the financial sector.

Agenda Talks


10:20 to 11:50
04 Nov 2021

Data fabric - An under-the-hood view into the next generation data management architecture

 Data fabric was announced as the #1 technology trend for 2022. But what makes data fabric the next generation data management architecture, capable of supporting both operational and analytical workloads, at massive scale?Join my session to learn about the data fabric and see it in action.

We will explore the journey of data through the data fabric, spanning real-time data integration, in-flight transformation and enrichment, and data delivery to any authorized data consumers in the enterprise.