Iustin Tarachiu

Iustin Tarachiu

Senior BE Developer at DB Global Technology


With 12 years of Java experience, Iustin has been in a continuous search of how to apply knowledge and ideas into day to day work with maximum efficiency. “Work smarter, not harder” is his motto, a goal which can be achieved by implementing basic principles which everyone knows (but most often forgets about) and by challenging the paradigms which shape our way of working.

Agenda Talks


15:35 to 17:05
03 Nov 2021

Microservices architecture in real life

Microservices have been a trendy topic in the last years and more and more teams or organisations started implementing their solutions with this paradigm. Because we don’t live in an ivory tower and write code for code’s sake only, we will explore the possibilities, real life challenges and pitfalls that mark our ever-evolving quest of developing scalable, stable and reliable projects. We will look at trends, advices, and antipatterns.