Alexandru Dejanu

Alexandru Dejanu

Senior Systems Engineer at Systematic

Jack of all trades master of None. Alexandru Dejanu is a Senior Systems Engineer with 8 years of experience in various domains such as Automotive, Telecom, Banking, Healthcare. Currently, he works as an SRE @ Systematic, part of the Customer Operations team, helping both development and operation teams to have full visibility of the complete application lifecycle. Opinionated and tech agnostic, loves helping others and sharing knowledge be it on StackOverflow, HackerNoon, or Medium.

Agenda Talks

DevOps Con

14:50 to 15:20
01 Nov 2023

Kubernetes: Telling Objects What to Do

The purpose of the talk is to synthesize and provide a holistic view concerning Kubernetes architecture and explore Kubernetes imperative and declarative paradigms based on my professional experience, with a dash of an opinionated view on the matter.


11:25 to 12:25
02 Nov 2023

Container to Pod: From zero to hero

In the “Container to Pod: From Zero to Hero” masterclass, you’ll dive headfirst into the exciting realm of containerization understand what containers are, and why they matter, and slowly discover the power of Kubernetes.